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MUNI Decals Explained

The SFMTA recently sent me a survey asking about my “satisfaction” with how they are doing their job. There was no question about “ability to plan for San Francisco’s transit needs long term” or “abilty to bore a tunnel all the way to the Presidio,” so some of my need to complain was unmet. HOWEVER, […]

Local Hero Saves MUNI

I am going to go ahead and take credit* for MUNI service interruptions finally being put on the NextMuni LED boards. I made a service request back in April after there was some problem in the tunnel keeping the T from running. The LED boards and just said that the next trains would show […]

MUNI Adds New Streetcar Line: E For “Excrement”

Oops, I mean “excitement!” The Long Commute by Telstar Logistics. Used with permission. Via SFRTU and MUNI Diaries, the Golden Gate Xpress [sic] reports: Old trains and tracks will be brought back into action for a new E line that will run from Caltrain to Fisherman’s Wharf, according to SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose. But they […]