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Portland’s Enormous New Industrial Shipyard Is Bigger Than Ours

The other day I was corresponding with former Potrero View publisher Lenny Anderson and he mentioned that the Portland shipyard run by Vigor Industrial had “just lifted the first ship in its brand new 960′ dry-dock…said to now be the largest in N. America!” Grim news for a neighborhood so proud of BAE’s formerly largest [...]

Cuts Rule Everything Around Me

Cream’s Barbershoppe opened in Dogpatch! 2632 Third Street, San Francisco CA 415-814-1117 The other day I got a call from the Barber Lounge telling me that my haircut was cancelled because the shop was closing. WHAT? Then they dropped a second bomb: my barber was opening a new shop on third — not just on [...]

Yes Carl, There Is An Agua Vista Park

You know, just last night I took a walk up to the pier at Agua Vista Park to peer at the aquatic view. I had hoped to catch sight of the “supermoon”, but alas there was only a woolen sky and quietly shifting waves. I thought to myself that someone should write something about the [...]

Henry on Gilberth on Gilberth’s

Dogpatch neighbor Henry has come out with a new video! You might remember his prior video about a local photographer and cabinetmaker building a liquor cabinet, as mentioned here: Liquor in the Cabinet. Henry’s new video is about local restauranteur Gilberth and his eponymous restaurant, Gilberth’s: Gilberth on Gilberth’s Gilberth on Gilberth’s from CLUBSODA on [...]

Movie Night at Pier 70: Bullitt!

Movie Night at Pier 70: Bullitt! 8:00pm May 30th, 2014 Pier 70 Partners 420 22nd Street, San Francisco, California 94107 Pier 70 says: Kick back with the “King of Cool” this Friday, May 30th, at the first of a series of free events happening at Pier 70 this summer! This Friday features a screening of [...]

Friendly Felon’s Filching Foiled, Firearm Fake

The SFPD says: Attempted Robbery Arrest: On May 24th at 6:40 pm, officers responded to a call of a robbery at a warehouse on the 1500 block of Indiana. They met with a 38 year old employee who was the victim of a robbery attempt. He told the officers that while he was working, the [...]

Smokestack Restaurant Almost Open

The other day I strolled over to the new Magnolia / Smokestack space and checked it out. How soon will it open? Well, two weeks ago Eric the bar manager said “two more weeks,” so, there’s that. I kid! I kid! They’re just very busy with running a brewery, building the restaurant that will be [...]

Oakland Basketball Team Buys Cursed Landfill

The internets are abuzz with the news that the Golden State Warriors have purchased 12 acres and plan to build a 120 foot tall monstrosity. After Salesforce’s failure to thrive, hopefully this new venture will take an old dump and turn it into something fun for everyone. Artist’s Conception SF Gate says: The new site [...]

Drone’s Eye View of Mission Bay Fire

Multiple drones have recently been dangerously close to violating Dogpatch airspace. This aggression will not stand, man. Nonetheless, please enjoy the following videos: Mission Bay Fire – Drone Eye View Drone’s eye view of Mission Bay fire damage

Third Rail Amps Up In December

7×7 said: The Third Rail, which we’ve mentioned previously, is set for a December opening Still no info on their web page: