See the Seastar’s Cellar

My old hangout — back when it went by another name and featured a famously fractious bartender — has been up for sale for a while this year. All I have heard about it is that the mustache-twirling landlord took a break from tying people to railroad tracks to raise the rent (a lot).

Anyway, I think that you can still go in and get a cold beverage of your choice, but unless you know a guy, you can’t peek in the dark crevices of the basement.

Or can you?

Thanks to the power of the internets, you can! Visit and click around to tour it! Watch out, though, my ghost is in the back corner downstairs. SPOOKY.

A Screenshot

(hat tip to Socketsite)

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  1. Zannah Noe wrote:

    I also enjoyed this joint. Use to be the sailor/shipyard hangout. In the 90’s I would order a Seagrams 7 at the Sea Star and draw everyones attention to the pee trough that runs along the bar, your foot rest on it. That way, back in the day you never lost your spot at the bar. Old SF!

    Sunday, May 24, 2015 at 11:32 am | Permalink

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