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Uppercasing History

The Upper Haight has its own neighborhood blog, and they posted today about the Spencer House in their fair hood. Archival: Meet the Spencer House Uppercasing says: The John Spencer House was built in about 1895 (it’s hard to say for sure; the city’s building records burned in 1906), and is a shining, brilliant relic […]

Hogan’s Goat Tavern Gets a Website!

Hogan’s Goat Tavern 2289 3rd St San Francisco, CA 94107 Despite my protestations, Christopher convinced me to make* him a website. Of course SF Weekly awarded the Goat “Best Bar When You Want to Be Left Alone ” and somehow had my staging site as the link. Grumble grumble, redirects are in place, and I […]

From the Mouths of Babes

The San Francisco Call was an iteration of the older San Francisco newspaper “The Morning Call.” It was bought and sold a few times and eventually disappeared into the San Francisco Examiner. Said newspaper featured a weekly kid’s section (sometimes called the Junior Call) with an execrable comic Alonzo featuring an eponymous misshapen dog. A […]