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Dogpatch Gentrified

Sam Breach (of SF City Guides) sent me a little light reading about the neighborhood: An Examination of Gentrification and Urban Change in San Francisco’s Dogpatch by Michael Webster. The fourth chapter will be the documentation and analysis of the change and gentrification in this neighborhood, documenting three distinct stages of change observable in Dogpatch. […]

Mayor Lee Offers No Insight Into Parking

As reported on Streetsblog our mayor said: To really thrive and generate job growth, we need businesses in those areas that need great access. It needs to be easy for people to get there, as well as for goods to be delivered,” he said. ”Areas that don’t have access cannot thrive. Good transit is part […]

Parking is Such Sweet Sorrow

When it comes to the SFMTA’s plans for meters in the neighborhood, I have to admit that I don’t have a dog in this fight. When my fiancée and I took up residence here this spring, we chose it for its proximity to her work and the Caltrain stop. She walks two blocks to the […]

One Ed Won

 I am not technically allowed to complain about the San Francisco mayoral election, since I somehow neglected to register to vote when I moved to The City in April, but still, I wanted my three doors down neighbor to win, just for the joy of telling the folks back home on the farm that I […]