Contruction To Be Tall

It was only a few months ago that some polling company called me and asked how I, a San Francisco voter, felt about the Giants’ plans for new construction in Mission Bay. I replied with my usual cynicism, and ultimately, I have not been disappointed. Someone on the neighborhood forum* Nextdoor Dogpatch mentioned that the new construction proposed by the Giants for the former garbage dump** is going to have ten towers taller*** than 120 feet. Whoa. Three of those will be 240 feet!

That’s hard to picture, so I did a bit of rendering in Google Earth.

Aerial View 3

Really, though, those buildings aren’t that much taller than the two towers at Madrone: sixteen stories or about 160 feet. Sure, all the buildings in Mission Bay look and act like vertical suburbs: devoid of street life and better to drive past than walk to — but we can hardly revolt against more units being built that can only be afforded by absentee investor-owners, right?

Madrone View

And when you compare it to The new Warriors Arena and Land Grab, it all looks pretty much in line.

Aerial View 4

I am deeply saddened that the arena has been redesigned. I was looking forward to making toilet jokes for the rest of the facility’s life.

Just for funsies, I artist-rendered a bunch of Dogpatch construction:
Dogpatch overview

…and if you haven’t seen renderings of Pier 70, it might be surprising.

Pier 70 overview

You can look at all of this yourself if you have Google Earth:
KMZ File in Google Earth

What’s included in the kmz file:
Giants at Mission Rock
Pier 70 / (Curbed Coverage)
2290 Third / DM Development / (Coverage on Curbed / 2)
777 Tennessee
901 Tennessee / (Coverage on Curbed)
950 Tennessee
1201 Tennessee
650 Indiana
– 800 Indiana

* neighborhood forum and anti-levity polizei

** Technically, Dogpatch was also a dump.


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