Home Depot Eyes Cesar Chavez Site

Eagle-eyed Chris Waddling of D10 Watch spotted a bizjournals.com article about Home Depot trying again to penetrate San Francisco — this time by taking over 1901 Cesar Chavez, pretty much across the street from a Cole Hardware Commercial Supply, and two miles from Lowe’s and a little over a mile from Center Hardware on Mariposa.

It would be nice to see Cesar Chavez have a little more life, but do we need a big box store on the edge of Dogpatch?

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  1. pete moss wrote:

    I worked that Lowes for 1st year after it opened. Got fired for operating a fork lift without a spotter (full disclosure). I’ve worked at various Home Depot doing ‘resets’. These big box home improvement joints r an absolute blight. If HD opens at this location it will b a disaster for the Ponderosa, for example.

    Sunday, February 3, 2013 at 9:15 am | Permalink

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