Bauer Tweets Quail Stew from Gilberth’s

I missed Michael Bauer’s mention of Gilberth’s rotisserie way back in April:

#5: Beans were one of the stars at the new Gilberth’s in Dogpatch, which offers Latin fusion specialties. The limas ($6) are baked with oregano pesto, with queso fresco on top.

#6: The rolled seasoned pork ($15) at Gilberth’s was a close second, served with plantains that are roasted crisp and then smashed.

BUT THEN last night Mr. Bauer mentioned our local eatery again:

  1. Michael Bauer
    michaelbauer1 Not sure I’ve had quail stew before, but Iook forward to a repeat at Gilberth’s in Dogpatch.

    Photo of Quail Stew by Michael Bauer

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Rumor has it that their reservations filled up as soon as his tweet went out. I suspect that a full review is forthcoming.

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