Hair of the Gilberth

BMSF, purveyors of the quite pleasant* “Hair of the Dogpatch” brunch popup that used to take over Yield on the weekends, are providing their M and B to Gilberth’s for sous-chef and front-of-house duties (respectively) starting next week.

BMSF says:

So-for all of those of you that have been asking me when we are doing a new pop up; we have some news! Mike has taken the Sous Chef position at Gilberth’s Rotisserie in the Dogpatch. His new lunch menu will go into effect next week, and as usual, I will be there helping him with all things front of the house. The amazing people at Gilberth’s are giving him the opportunity to try his hand at Latin Rim cuisine. We’re really looking forward to working side by side with some incredibly talented and hard working individuals in a beautiful space in the neighborhood we’ve grown to love so much!

*I want some deviled eggs.

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