La Fromagerie sur la 3ème Rue

Pardon my French.

There’s a new cheese shop in the neighborhood, called simply “La Fromagerie.” The shop carries mostly French cheeses, some Italian cheeses, and some American cheeses like aged gouda or cheddar. They have Firebrand breads, charcuterie and special products for the holidays. They hope to offer some traditional dishes from France.

The manager is Ruben Donze, also the General Manager of Bouvet, a manufacturer of hardware for doors and cabinets.

The French Connect in Potrero

I stopped in the weekend before last to taste seven cheeses, take home three, and have a wine and cheese party at home. I am officially part of the gentrification. Tasty, tasty gentrification.

I recommend the Petit Camembert and the Antica Fattoria La Parrina guttus: a blue sheeps milk cheese from Italy. Serve them warm and breathe through your mouth.

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