Gilberth’s Rotisserie & Grill Soft Opening

While I am naturally humble and shy, I don’t mind bragging on my fiancée‘s behalf: work from her photographic project Homeplace is already hanging in Gilberth’s restaurant. For that reason and my strong arm threatscharm and good nature I have gotten to sample various items from their upcoming menu, and I am excited to visit them tomorrow on their opening night. My fiance works in the building, so she gets to go in for lunch. My jealousy knows no bounds.

Gilberth's Rotisserie & Grill

“Do you have a press release for me?” I asked the other day, and to my dismay they did not. Despite my reluctance to use the J-word, I set to borrowing paper and pens from them, and conducted a small interview, so as to write a press release for them. They are quite busy, so I assume that it is upon me to distribute it.

Gilberth’s Rotisserie & Grill
Soft Opening Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
2427 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
Hours: 11:30am-3pm and 5-10pm seven days a week

Serving Locally Sourced Sustainable Latin Fusion Cuisine

Gilberth Cab has been cooking since he was 12, when his grandmother would bring him to her mercado, saying “let’s go work.” This is where he grew to love cooking. He has spent eight years working at Jolt & Bolt in the same building as this new restaurant, meeting his wife Julia there. They opened the New Spot six years ago, offering Mexican and Salvadoran cuisine to the neighborhood that they loved. In 2009 Gilberth was driven to open a cafe, which became their second venture Oralia’s. Still not feeling complete, Gilberth wanted to do something else — something more formal — a different approach to Latin cuisine.

The Rotisserie will cover many parts of latin cuisine: Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central American and Southern Mexican, and South American. The food will reflect the seasons and the menu will be constantly evolving. The lunch menu will be faster paced and the dinner menu fuller.

Meats are from Olivier’s Butchery and sustainable local farms, seafood from I Love Blue Sea, and produce from farmers markets and the SF Wholesale Produce Market.

Highlights from the yet unfinalized menu include seasonal vegetables, chili-lime cauliflower, beef heart skewers, pork neck, argentinian-style steak with chimichurri made with American style kobe beef, possibly a yellowtail jack fish tartare with green plantain chips, mejillones al tequila: mussels in tequila wine, and desserts by Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous. The rotisserie is tentatively expecting their wine and beer liquor license to be approved in March, but will immediately provide their own infused soft drinks: lemongrass and ginger, blood orange, and other house made sodas.

So, maybe I will see you there tomorrow evening.


  1. Jesse, we’ll have to do a D10 Dogpatch vs Bayview rotisserie throw-down between Gilberth’s and Limón. Maybe we could do that alongside a soul food throw-down between Hard Knox and Brown Sugar Kitchen once they open, or any one of the more established places. Maybe we should sponsor something? A friendly competition maybe?

    Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 10:47 am | Permalink
  2. Jesse Mullan wrote:

    I like where this is going!

    Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 11:00 am | Permalink

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