Michael Bauer Rates Gilberth’s

Gilberth’s Rotisserie and Grill is the first venture from Gilberth Cab to go beyond the lunch counter. As such, it’s not surprising that, barely three months after opening, the rotisserie is still experiencing some growing pains. What is surprising is that Michael Bauer would visit a fledgling restaurant with freshman owners and give it such a thorough review. Gilberth and Julia were sweating the outcome — when they could take breaks from running all three restaurants. If you stop in at Oralia’s, the New Spot, or Gilberth’s, chances are very high that one of the two will be right there: cooking or taking your order, six days a week, any hour of the day. Thankfully, sweat is only their metaphorical secret ingredient.

Anyway, expect continuous change and improvement. That’s what they do. Gilberth and Julia read the article, despaired, and then got back to work. Two stars is just a start.

Enjoy Michael Bauer’s review* Gilberth’s review: Intriguing food in Dogpatch:

The interior was created on a budget, but it has a real sense of style. The food, produced by Gilberth Cab, is soulful, though at times uneven.

*Personally, the guava-glazed ribs were my favorite item, and always tender for me

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