BAYCAT: Burgled

My friend Miguel, who is ten, is enrolled in the BAYCAT Summer Media Camp. You might remember Miguel from such tales as “going to the Giants’ perfect game with me” or this adorable video for a Carly Rae Jepsen song:

BAYCAT has a whole Youtube channel. Admittedly, it might be less interesting if you’re not specifically watching for someone whom you know, but this is the sort of targeted goodness that gives kids hope, confidence, and real world skills. Today’s budding videographers are tomorrow’s actors, writers, technicians and engineers. Awesome!

…and then, someone climbed down from the roof of the American Industrial Center and stole all of their laptops.


You can make a tax deductible donation on Indiegogo to help them replace their lost… everything… hopefully in time for their fall session. Indiegogo’s flexible funding means that they get everything they make, minus a 10% fee. If they make their goal, that fee goes down to 4%. Tax deductible!

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