Sunday Streets 2012!


There is so much going on that I can’t possibly list it all, but here’s what I found with a cursory search of the intertubes (and a few emails from various people):

3rd between 23rd and 24th

3rd between 22nd and 23rd

Illinois between 22nd and 20th

  • Kitchenette SF
    • The Dogpatch Millionaire: Indian inspired fried chicken sandwich with garam masala honey, garlic mayonaise, and spicy cabbage

22nd and Tennesse

22nd between Minnesota and Indiana

  • Rickshaw Bagworks
    • Live music from Dogpatch
    • Homemade brittle
    • Free use of our beautiful bike bench for quick tune ups, cleanings or air
    • In-store promo for 20% off of our stock.
    • CEO Mark Dwight on hand offering tours
  • Giggling Lotus Yoga

Indiana between 22nd and 20th

Indiana between 20th and 19th

Indiana between 18th and 19th

Tennessee and Mariposa

  • Kazoo Studios (603 Tennessee)
    • Outdoor Screen Printing 12:30-4pm

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