Namesake Saloon Sold

Public Notice of Application for Ownership Change

Eagle-eyed Dogpatchers may have noticed the sign in the window of the Dogpatch Saloon indicating that its liquor license was in the process of being sold. This is, of course, the second step after selling the business itself (or, the second, but conjoined step?).

ABC indicates that the transfer is still pending. But who is Dogpatch Saloon LLC? The ABC page lists the following officers:


The California Secretary of State is in agreement and gives another hint: said LLC is registered at 83 FIRST ST, which is the address of a local watering hole run by those same gentlepersons: 83 Proof, which is, upon mild internet searching, a divey-but-classy-drink-having bar not too far from my office, but not close enough that I’ve gotten a chance to wander over there. From my internet stalking, they do not appear to serve food, so that stove in the saloon could continue to be unused, but they do have connections to TruckStopSF, so maybe they will trick some trucks into showing up at 10pm on Friday nights.

I sent the good folks at 83 Proof an email and Marc replied:

There’s not much to tell yet as things are still taking shape.

So there you have it: the firmest of plans.

Let me know if you hear any more scuttlebutt.


  1. Katie Jo wrote:

    So stoked. We have lived in the Dogpatch in for almost 5 years and always fantasizing on how great it would be if someone buy this place and re-vamp it.
    This will def be our new watering hole.

    Friday, September 7, 2012 at 1:39 pm | Permalink
  2. andrew wrote:

    The Dogpatch is a great bar.
    It’s a place where neighbors, shipworkers, and artists for years would catch up after work, to enjoy the entire baseball season, and listen to live jazz every Sunday. I’m proud of Mike. To say it needs a re-vamp is out of touch. Almost five years….please. Take the 48 to Noe Valley.

    Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at 11:10 pm | Permalink

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