Saloon Shuttering Soon

Marc Goldfine sent over an email saying:

Here’s a brief update on what’s happening at the Dogpatch Saloon.

We take over on Monday 11/5 and will close to do some cleanup, replace some equipment, and do a little work on the interior. It’s always hard to say with these things exactly when it will be ready, but hopefully it will move along quickly. I’ll let you know how it’s going as we progress.

We like great beer, great sprits, and we have an affinity for cocktails, so you’ll be seeing more of that in the new incarnation of the Dogpatch Saloon.
We think the name is great and we’re keeping it, and the atmosphere will be casual and welcoming.

I and my partners- Chris, Sky, and Derek- are excited and looking forward to becoming a part of the Dogpatch. This is a great neighborhood which is rightfully proud of its history and optimistic about it’s future, and the people here have a strong sense of place and really care. We hope to fit right in.

I’ll be in touch as things move along.

Marc Goldfine
Partner, Dogpatch Saloon

I’ve been walking an extra block to hit the Goat since Christopher scowled his way into my heart, but I’ll be stopping in at the Saloon to see it out and see it reborn, especially if the rumors about the neighborhood’s future bar count are true. Hint: one.

Restaurants don’t count.

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  1. Mariachi wrote:

    What rumors are these? The Goat isn’t going anywhere, the Saloon remains a saloon, and while Retox has been sold it too is still going to be a bar.

    Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 8:51 pm | Permalink

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