Man Robbed: Better The Handle Than The Blade

…but still pretty bad. Right in front of the former Potrero Police station, too.

Act. Captain Robert O’Sullivan or Ofc. E. Teper says*:

On November 20th at 1:30 am, a 43 year old victim was robbed in the area of 3rd and 20th. He reported the incident at 6:00 pm at Ingleside Station. He told the officers that he was walking in the area when three suspects ran up to him. One of them was armed with a knife and struck the victim in the head with the handle. The victim fell, at which point all of the suspects began to hit and kick him. The suspects stole his backpack and fled the scene on foot. After the incident, the victim went home to South San Francisco before deciding to make the police report. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 120941354)

* the pdf says one author, but the email has a different sender.

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