Pier 70 on TV

SF has plans to develop neglected Pier 70

Somehow they fail to mention the word “Dogpatch” in the entire piece.

ABC says:

Big ships still come to Pier 70 for repairs, but other industries that once flourished there have moved on, leaving a lifeless 69-acre stretch of waterfront. The port is hoping to change that with a $242 million revitalization plan to bring thousands of people back to Pier 70.

Don’t miss these links in their story:

Pier 70’s history in a nutshell:

The port’s summary of the whole Pier 70 plan:

Crane Cove Park info:

Bethlehem Shipyard Museum:

Waaaaait a minute – I haven’t heard anything about a shipyard museum. Oh, it’s just solar kiosks with donated materials. Ok then.

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