2013 Sunday Streets Photos

Hey, I bought a new (used) camera at a “yard sale” during Sunday Streets. It’s a Graflex Reflex, somewhat like the camera that my grandfather picked up at the end of World War II. This example has some light leaks and takes three hands to operate, but I’m sure that I will get all of that ironed out.

The salesman, whose name has evaporated from my brain, with his own camera:

The band called Dogpatch:


Another band, whose name I have completely forgotten:

That one vacant lot — which is for sale again, implying that it will remain vacant for the duration:

That decrepit houseboat, double exposed with Building #102 (Powerhouse #1):

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  1. boomboxnation wrote:

    That first photo is of Eric Zo. Dogpatch is a hotbed of bag making, look up Zo Bags.

    Saturday, July 6, 2013 at 9:02 pm | Permalink

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