Dr. Dre, Beats, Dogpatch?

BizJournals says:

Beats Music, the startup Dre and Iovine founded, has picked San Francisco for its headquarters — namely 555 19th St. in the Dogpatch.

Dr. Dre streams into Dogpatch

I am too cheap to subscribe to BizJournals, so I did not see if it is indeed Beats By Dre or the new startup Daisy. The internet seems to say that Dre will have little involvement with Daisy, so the likelihood that we will see a lot of Dre is pretty slim. I could make do with Trent Reznor at the T stop, though.

Let us not forget the original Daisy of Dogpatch:
Daisy Mae of Dogpatch

Alternate headlines:
Nuthin’ But a ‘Dogpatch’ Thang
Dre To Plant Daisy in Dogpatch
Reznor to Get “Closer” to Dogpatch
Pretty Dogpatch Machine
The Dogpatch Spiral

and, surprisingly:
Dre to Make Computers Horny Again

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