A Bounty on “Dog Fennel”

Someone posited that Dogpatch is named after “dog fennel,” with the related imagining that it used to grow wild here. Perhaps they were confused by the feral (but non-native) fennel growing here — or perhaps they are some sort of horticultural archaeologist and have knowledge of non-indigenous plants that were introduced and then subsequently stamped out.

Here is my bounty: $20 cash to the first person who can provide evidence of dog fennel growing in Dogpatch. If you show me regular fennel, you owe me $20.

There are three different plants that people call dog fennel: “Anthemis cotula,” “Chamaemelum mixtum,” and “Eupatorium capillifolium.” Of the three, the anthemis is the one linked to in the wikipedia article.

Anthemis Cotula

Here are some videos showing different kinds of dog fennel:

Here is a video showing what regular fennel looks like:

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    […] I have been hoping to get to the bottom of the pernicious “dogfennel” rumor, but so far I haven’t gotten a bite, nibble, or even a whimper from my readers (whomever they are). I am prepared to put the “dogfennel” notion to sleep, but I will give the neighborhood one more chance to sniff out some evidence. To reiterate: […]

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