Dogfennel Deadline

I have been hoping to get to the bottom of the pernicious “dogfennel” rumor, but so far I haven’t gotten a bite, nibble, or even a whimper from my readers (whomever they are). I am prepared to put the “dogfennel” notion to sleep, but I will give the neighborhood one more chance to sniff out some evidence. To reiterate:

I am placing a $20 bounty on the first person to fetch evidence of any of the three kinds of dogfennel.

Any person who tries to pass off regular fennel as dogfennel owes me $20.

If you have a plant that looks like dogfennel but is not dogfennel or regular fennel, it is a push and we will have to buy each other beers or something.

The deadline is August 13th!

Happy hunting!

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