Workshop Residence Makes Animated Gif (and Also a Boat)

Unless you have a subscription, you can only read 38 words of the Chronicle’s article about boatbuilding:
Project takes boatbuilding back to beginnings

But you can see the animated gif* that the art space has posted. It is surely worth 1000 words, at least:
Animated boat gif

You can still book a day to help them make a boat:
Boatbuilding Workshop: The Coquina $50

Aaron Turner leads you through the process of building the Coquina. All tools and materials are provided, and while expert builders are welcome, no prior experience is required to be a part of the class.

Originally designed in 1889 for his personal use by legendary boat builder Nathanael Herreshoff, this 18′ Row / Sailboat has been modified by Doug Hylan for a glued-lapstrake construction. This building method retains the graceful lines of the traditional design while providing a tight “mono-hull” that is sturdy and stable in a variety of weather conditions. The Coquina will be constructed of locally sourced woods,

Regardless of which day you might sign up:

August 24: LAUNCH THE BOAT in the Bay! Everyone who took the class will be invited, though we don’t plan to participate in the America’s Cup events**.

Emphasis mine, but LOL for everyone, amirite?

Coquina (rock)
coquina (bivalve)

* pronounced “gif”
** that makes me want to throw in $50 just on principle

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