April Fool’s Posts Are The Worst

We here at the Howler are completely above such things.

The Bold Italic says:

Behind a nondescript door in Dogpatch, Jason Munchausen is trying to revolutionize the way we breathe – one jar at a time.

What drives an otherwise successful guy to leave his job as the start-up coordinator at a start-up that incubates start-ups in its start-up incubator and then launches new start-ups to chase a crazy dream of handcrafting fine American air? “There was a need, really,” Jason says. “I mean, where I grew up, in the Midwest, there was one kind of air. You either breathed it or you didn’t. And then when I moved out here, I guess expecting to find, like, a thousand different kinds of air, no dice. Just the same air.” Jason started experimenting with different blends, compositions, and testing them out on his friends and his 12 roommates.

Oh, and when that Subway Sandwiches franchise opens in Potrero Launch, we will be running a special Dogpatch Dealz™ coupon. I forgot to mention that before, but it’s pretty cool.

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