Magnolia Teases Us Again

Another day, another making-of video for the new Magnolia brewery:

Magnolia Dogpatch Volume 3 from Oct28 Productions on Vimeo.

Their PR person (or at least someone claiming to be their PR person) suggested that an October opening might not be out of the realm of possibility for the new space.

Drawn to Dogpatch

Not-neighbor (but neighbor in spirit?) Chandler O’Leary visited not too long ago, sketchbook in hand, and just the other day posted the results to her travel sketchblog.

Chandler says:

It’s the kind of place where the residents are deeply invested in their neighborhood: many of the local business owners live right there, and everyone is passionate about Dogpatch’s history, pride and charm.

Thanks, Chandler!

7×7 Touches Third Rail

The creators of the upcoming and unfortunately named “Third Rail Bar” here in Dogpatch were recently profiled in 7×7.

7×7 says:

Located on 20th St. at 3rd, the Dogpatch bar will be a stellar addition to the up-and-coming ‘hood. Although their new space won’t have a kitchen, it will have something even better–a jerky bar.

Jerky? Maybe they can be forgiven for naming their bar after a feature of subways — the T line as it runs through Dogpatch uses overhead power and does not have a third rail.

New windows at Tom's Drydock / Third Rail in #dogpatch

7×7 also said:

We chatted with both Phil and Jeff for our first ever duel[sic] We Wanna Be Friends With Q&A.

Unfortunately, there was no jousting or other combat in the article, so 7×7 probably meant “dual.”

Oh, and the Third Rail has a website now:

A representative cocktail

Enjoy in good health!

Local Bartender Stars in Action Film

Local hatmakers the Goorin Brothers say:

Yes folks, Christopher Webster is wearing a Goorin Bros. hat indeed. Sporting the Kumara straw fedora in the movie and the movie poster as seen below. Who better than Mr. Webster himself to rock a Heritage hat while taking down bad guys and making it rain.

2 Guns

I’m just sayin’.

Stanley Roberts Visits Dogpatch

People Living in Holes in 280 Freeway Behave Badly

Apparently there are terrifying crawlspaces up under 280, accessible via the Caltrain stop.

Workshop Residence Makes Animated Gif (and Also a Boat)

Unless you have a subscription, you can only read 38 words of the Chronicle’s article about boatbuilding:
Project takes boatbuilding back to beginnings

But you can see the animated gif* that the art space has posted. It is surely worth 1000 words, at least:
Animated boat gif

You can still book a day to help them make a boat:
Boatbuilding Workshop: The Coquina $50

Aaron Turner leads you through the process of building the Coquina. All tools and materials are provided, and while expert builders are welcome, no prior experience is required to be a part of the class.

Originally designed in 1889 for his personal use by legendary boat builder Nathanael Herreshoff, this 18′ Row / Sailboat has been modified by Doug Hylan for a glued-lapstrake construction. This building method retains the graceful lines of the traditional design while providing a tight “mono-hull” that is sturdy and stable in a variety of weather conditions. The Coquina will be constructed of locally sourced woods,

Regardless of which day you might sign up:

August 24: LAUNCH THE BOAT in the Bay! Everyone who took the class will be invited, though we don’t plan to participate in the America’s Cup events**.

Emphasis mine, but LOL for everyone, amirite?

Coquina (rock)
coquina (bivalve)

* pronounced “gif”
** that makes me want to throw in $50 just on principle

Dogfennel Deadline

I have been hoping to get to the bottom of the pernicious “dogfennel” rumor, but so far I haven’t gotten a bite, nibble, or even a whimper from my readers (whomever they are). I am prepared to put the “dogfennel” notion to sleep, but I will give the neighborhood one more chance to sniff out some evidence. To reiterate:

I am placing a $20 bounty on the first person to fetch evidence of any of the three kinds of dogfennel.

Any person who tries to pass off regular fennel as dogfennel owes me $20.

If you have a plant that looks like dogfennel but is not dogfennel or regular fennel, it is a push and we will have to buy each other beers or something.

The deadline is August 13th!

Happy hunting!

Dogpatch Saloon Reopening Monday!

Grand Reopening
Monday, July 22nd
Dogpatch Saloon
2496 3rd St
San Francisco, CA 94107

Tomorrow evening the Howler staff will be attending the grand reopening of the Dogpatch Saloon!

As of this afternoon saws are still whirring and broken pallets line the sidewalk outside, but when asked if they will be ready in time, one unnamed person filling the recycling bin outside grinned and said “the beer is pouring, and that’s all you really need, right?”

Job done. See you there.

Please enjoy the Howler’s photo coverage of the last few months of construction:

Saloom logo

Saloon tomorrow?


Dogpatch Saloon: Grand reopening July 22nd

Dogpatch Saloon: Closed for a private event, but full of people and booze!


The sign is back up, but no mural yet.


Two windows! Ah ah ah

First window installed!

First cuts for the new windows!

New larger windows soon

Windows marked for enlarging

Goodbye mural

Looks like the booths are gonna be a lot bigger!

The bar at the Dogpatch Saloon

Dogpatch Saloon

Prior “reporting”:
Saloon Shuttering Soon
Namesake Saloon Sold

Urban Air Market at Pier 70 – August 18th

Sunday, August 18th 11am – 6pm
Building 12 at Pier 70
The entrance is located at the corner of 22nd and Illinois Streets
420 22nd Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Free to attend
Shoppers RSVP for a free gift!

Urban Air Market collage

Urban Air Market says:

Groundbreaking New Show


For the first time ever in one of the awesome old buildings in San Francisco’s Dogpatch Historic District, Urban Air Market will be held at the Pier 70 Waterfront. We’re launching the evolution of a new place which over the next 15 years will become a blend of creative, local uses, living spaces, office solutions, and open parks designed for a community-driven waterfront experience. We hope you will join us in making history.

Don’t worry. We’re still bringing you the same shows that you know and love in Hayes Valley and the Lower Haight. But on Sunday, August 18th from 11am-6pm our pop-up marketplace for sustainable design at Pier 70 will include more fashion vendors, more food trucks, more music, more art, and our very own beer & wine garden. We are very proud to have rare access to this never-before-seen venue with the help of our local partners: Forest City, Museum of Craft and Design, SFEtsy, Noonan Building Artists, Dogpatch Neighborhood Association, and Mobile Libations.

Shoppers RSVP here

150 local vendors of clothing for men, women and children, jewelry, accessories, artwork, home decor, and natural beauty products. Plus healthy food trucks, live music, and a beer/wine garden.

Pier 70‘s development group, Forest City, says:

Urban Air Market at Pier 70

Those of you who joined us at the open houses we had on the site this past spring or at other public presentations will recall that we had committed to beginning to invite the community to portions of Pier 70 and to activate the space with experiences and activities consistent with the type of place we hope to create in the next evolution of the site – a community-driven hub that blends creative local uses with living, working and gathering spaces.

We’ve worked hard with the Port and the Mayor’s Office to ensure that this opportunity is possible. And, on Sunday, August 18th, Forest City is bringing you the first of these events in partnership with the Urban Air Market who will bring the pop-up marketplace to Pier 70!

The Urban Air Market will include 150 local, sustainable vendors of clothing for men, women and children, jewelry, accessories, artwork, home decor, and natural beauty products. The event at Pier 70 will also include food trucks, live music, and a beer and wine garden! Forest City will also be giving tours of the site a few times throughout the day (sign up in advance here!).

This event is FREE to attend.

To make this exciting experience happen, we are collaborating with local partners, such as the Noonan Building Artists, Museum of Craft and Design, SFEtsy, Dogpatch Neighborhood Association, the Workshop Residence and Mobile Libations.

They do not mention the event, but Urban Air Market has a blog which would give you a pretty good idea of their regular vendors.

Urban Air Market’s PR company says:

URBAN AIR MARKET is a curated marketplace for sustainable design featuring 150 independent designers of men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothing, accessories, jewelry and home décor. Participating designers are selected based on their quality, originality, cleverness, and method of sustainability in design.

We are inspired by “green” designers who are pushing the direction of fashion where it should be going.

Dogpatch Popups Reviewed

Jane Liaw says:

The Dogpatch neighborhood is one pop-up-friendly area of San Francisco, a place where both permanent and temporary shops and eateries have been testing the waters lately.

There were popups in her list that I didn’t even know about:
Popping up all over San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood