Dogpatch SF Open Studios November 2nd and 3rd

Open Studios
November 2nd and 3rd, 11am to 6pm
SOMA, Tenderloin, Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, Bayview, Portola, Excelsior

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Are you having an open studio but aren’t listed? Please send over an email!

Map of studio locations

900 Tennessee Street at 20th Street

Carla Bratt (Mixed Media) #18

Cody Bratt (Photography) #18

Sirima Sataman (Printmaking) #19

Zannah Noe (Painting) #21

American Industrial Center
2325 3rd Street at 20th Street

Craig Mole (Photography) #338

Pat Wipf (Painting) #340

Rory Earnshaw (Photography) #347

American Industrial Center (2415 entrance)
Third Street at 20th Street

Sarah Graham (Wearable Art / Jewelry)
2415 3rd Street #258

Art Explosion – 3rd Street Studios
1661 Tennessee Street, Suite 3-E at Cesar Chavez

Jackie Lange (Wearable Art / Jewelry) #308

Jennifer de Groat (Wearable Art / Jewelry) #308

Zoe Ani (Painting) #304

Robert Abrams (Ceramics)
1426 Minnesota Street at 26th Street

Graphic Arts Workshop
2565 3rd Street #305 at 22nd Street

Andrey Semyonov (Printmaking)

Barbara Stikker (Printmaking)

Cynthia Milionis (Printmaking)

Eddie Lee (Printmaking)

Gail Morrison (Printmaking)

Lise Currie (Printmaking)

Noonan Building
Pier 70 at the end of 20th Street past Illinois Street

Adele Louise Shaw (Painting) #321

Austin Press (Printmaking) #215

Connie Haris (Painting) #304

Francis Berry (Painting) #106

Karyn Yandow (Photography) 3rd Floor

Kim Frohsin (Mixed Media)

Marti McKee (Printmaking) #316

Michael Rios (Mixed Media)
Behind Noonan Building

Pamela Axelson (Drawing) #319

Phillip Hua (Mixed Media) #305

Suzy Barnard (Painting) #304

Xavier Viramontes (Printmaking) #316

Potrero Hill
820 Rhode Island Street at 20th Street

Doug Sebesta (Photography)

Ruben Joy (Mixed Media)

Ghost Ship to Dock in Dogpatch for Halloween

Ghost Ship Halloween Sneak Peek Trick or Treat
Saturday, October 26th, Noon to 5pm
Pier 70. Building 12
420 22nd st @ illinois
RSVP at Facebook

A local group called Ghost Ship Halloween has moved their yearly Halloween dance party event to Pier 70, and this year they will be holding an all-ages daytime event immediately prior.

Ghost Ship Halloween says:

GHOST SHIP HALLOWEEN 2013 is proud to unveil our first ever SNEAK PEAK[sic] TRICK OR TREAT

Kids, parents, neighbors, friends!
Join us for an afternoon of all-ages Halloween fun.
Get a sneak peak[sic] of the amazing art of Ghost Ship.


The SF Fire Department will have an engine on hand for viewing and will be available to answer questions from kids.


Noon-5PM / 420 22nd st @ illinois

But, the kids aren’t going to hog all the fun, there’s an event for grownups as well.

Ghost Ship Halloween says:

Hold your breath and get ready for a plunge into the Abyss at Ghost Ship Halloween 2013. The city’s most beloved Halloween event is back for a sixth year at an iconic new location, the gigantic Building 12 at Pier 70 in the Dogpatch, San Francisco. For the past five years Ghost Ship Halloween has dropped jaws and thrilled thousands with unparalleled original art installations schemed and built from scratch from recyclable materials and enjoyed for one night only. With past events boasting a Victorian era Ghost Ship, an armada ready steam liner, a high flying Viking ship and an alien space craft hovering over a zombie ghost town, the “Make Big Art” team of artists are hard at work creating a wavy wonderland under the sea. Along with their megalomaniacal schemes, Ghost Ship will again feature original installations by the leaders of the Bay Area’s dynamic large scale production art community, and the world’s most exciting art cars. The soundscape of Ghost Ship will be electrified by multiple stages hosted by top DJ crews and dozens of their finest DJs, all of whom are Bay Area locals. The attendees of Ghost Ship provide the final touch of artwork with original costume culture that raises the bar on pageantry.

21+ ONLY

Tickets appear to be $50, so make your choices accordingly.

Notice of this event came from the nice folks at Pier 70, who said in an email:

Enjoy historic Building 12 at Pier 70 on Saturday, October 26th, with a daytime, family-friendly Halloween festival and a nighttime art and music festival. Ghost Ship Halloween, produced by Space Cowboys and Sunset SF, has thrilled thousands with unparalleled art installations schemed and built from scratch. This year, they plan to open their doors in the afternoon for a family-friendly sneak peek with special tricks & treats for costumed kids. At night, the building will transform into a wavy wonderland under the sea, featuring original installations by the leaders of the Bay Area’s dynamic large scale production art community, the world’s most exciting art cars, and multiple soundstages hosted by top local DJ crews.

This event and the recent Urban Air Market are part of their plan to “activate” the pier. So far, so good.

Long Bridge Pizza Slated For American Industrial Center

Long Bridge Pizza

A little while ago, Andrew from Haighteration sent over an email:

I just came across a registration for something called Long Bridge Pizza at 2347 3rd Street. It’s dated July 1st, so I’m not sure if it’s news or not, but wanted to pass it your way!

If you weren’t aware, when Oralia’s folded its lunch business into Gilberth’s Rotisserie, the vacant space was quickly snapped up with the intent of opening a pizza-by-the-slice shop.

It looks like that’s moving along, as the proprietors have set up a domain. At the moment their menu looks a little heavy on the “Mediterranean Pizza with Goat Cheese” options, but any site with this much lorem ipsum text is obviously incomplete.

Unfortunately their email address does not appear to work and I am terrified of phoning pizza places, so they were unavailable for comment.

“Homeplace” Book Signing at Gilberth’s

“Homeplace” Book Signing
Gilberth’s Rotisserie & Grill
2347 3rd St
San Francisco, California 94107

September 15th, 2013 1-3pm
(optionally) RSVP on Facebook

Sarah Christianson, photographer, artist, and author, will be signing her new book “Homeplace” this Sunday from one to three in the afternoon. Ms. Christianson is a Dogpatch resident and her indiegogo fundraising effort was featured on this very blog just over a year ago. Her (our!) efforts were successful, and the book has surpassed our expectations.


Sarah says:

Please join me at Gilberth’s Rotisserie on Sunday, September 15 from 1-3pm for a special neighborhood book release party!

I’ll be signing copies of my newly published photography book, Homeplace, which documents my family’s 4-generation farm in North Dakota and also traces its roots to Norway. More info & images from the project are available on my website:

Publisher: Daylight Books
Book specs: Clothbound, hardcover, 8×10 inches, 108 pages (80 photos!), with an introduction by Arnold Alanen

Hors d’oeuvres will be served, and there will be a cash bar for beer & wine. Please stop by & get your copy!

Farms Turned to Pasture Feneshaugen

Sarah’s photos of Norway and North Dakota are beautifully printed within. They are joined by an essay by Professor Emeritus Arnold R. Alanen, who illuminates the emigration of her Norwegian ancestors and their work to make a home of the homestead.

The Professor Emeritus says:

Quite obviously, the Christiansons and tens of thousands of other Norwegians who settled in the Red River Valley and the entirety of North Dakota were not searching for a physical environment that reminded them of their homeland. Instead, the settlement decisions of most immigrants were driven by economic concerns. Christianson and his compatriots recognized that “if one wanted free land with the potential of reasonable agricultural production, [then] there was no other place to go.” By the late nineteenth century North Dakota represented “the farmer’s last frontier.”

Soybean Harvest

A signed edition of the book is available for purchase online.

Magnolia Teases Us Again

Another day, another making-of video for the new Magnolia brewery:

Magnolia Dogpatch Volume 3 from Oct28 Productions on Vimeo.

Their PR person (or at least someone claiming to be their PR person) suggested that an October opening might not be out of the realm of possibility for the new space.

Drawn to Dogpatch

Not-neighbor (but neighbor in spirit?) Chandler O’Leary visited not too long ago, sketchbook in hand, and just the other day posted the results to her travel sketchblog.

Chandler says:

It’s the kind of place where the residents are deeply invested in their neighborhood: many of the local business owners live right there, and everyone is passionate about Dogpatch’s history, pride and charm.

Thanks, Chandler!

7×7 Touches Third Rail

The creators of the upcoming and unfortunately named “Third Rail Bar” here in Dogpatch were recently profiled in 7×7.

7×7 says:

Located on 20th St. at 3rd, the Dogpatch bar will be a stellar addition to the up-and-coming ‘hood. Although their new space won’t have a kitchen, it will have something even better–a jerky bar.

Jerky? Maybe they can be forgiven for naming their bar after a feature of subways — the T line as it runs through Dogpatch uses overhead power and does not have a third rail.

New windows at Tom's Drydock / Third Rail in #dogpatch

7×7 also said:

We chatted with both Phil and Jeff for our first ever duel[sic] We Wanna Be Friends With Q&A.

Unfortunately, there was no jousting or other combat in the article, so 7×7 probably meant “dual.”

Oh, and the Third Rail has a website now:

A representative cocktail

Enjoy in good health!

Local Bartender Stars in Action Film

Local hatmakers the Goorin Brothers say:

Yes folks, Christopher Webster is wearing a Goorin Bros. hat indeed. Sporting the Kumara straw fedora in the movie and the movie poster as seen below. Who better than Mr. Webster himself to rock a Heritage hat while taking down bad guys and making it rain.

2 Guns

I’m just sayin’.

Stanley Roberts Visits Dogpatch

People Living in Holes in 280 Freeway Behave Badly

Apparently there are terrifying crawlspaces up under 280, accessible via the Caltrain stop.

Workshop Residence Makes Animated Gif (and Also a Boat)

Unless you have a subscription, you can only read 38 words of the Chronicle’s article about boatbuilding:
Project takes boatbuilding back to beginnings

But you can see the animated gif* that the art space has posted. It is surely worth 1000 words, at least:
Animated boat gif

You can still book a day to help them make a boat:
Boatbuilding Workshop: The Coquina $50

Aaron Turner leads you through the process of building the Coquina. All tools and materials are provided, and while expert builders are welcome, no prior experience is required to be a part of the class.

Originally designed in 1889 for his personal use by legendary boat builder Nathanael Herreshoff, this 18′ Row / Sailboat has been modified by Doug Hylan for a glued-lapstrake construction. This building method retains the graceful lines of the traditional design while providing a tight “mono-hull” that is sturdy and stable in a variety of weather conditions. The Coquina will be constructed of locally sourced woods,

Regardless of which day you might sign up:

August 24: LAUNCH THE BOAT in the Bay! Everyone who took the class will be invited, though we don’t plan to participate in the America’s Cup events**.

Emphasis mine, but LOL for everyone, amirite?

Coquina (rock)
coquina (bivalve)

* pronounced “gif”
** that makes me want to throw in $50 just on principle