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Baja Dogpatch

The Potrero Hill / Dogpatch Green Benefits District just sent out a link to a survey that you should probably go fill out so they can figure out how to add more green to our grit*. Go take the survey, you can always come back to the Howler later: Okay, when you were taking […]

Robbery at Gunpoint

The SFPD says: Armed Robbery: On April 13th at 11:00 pm, officers responded to the 600 block of 22nd St. to a call of a robbery. They met with the two victims, ages 29 and 39. The victims told the officers that they were at a party in the area and stepped outside to smoke […]

Museum of Craft and Design: Now Open!

Dogpatch has been waiting a year — make that a century and a half — for its first museum, and we are finally on the map. The Museum of Craft and Design had its grand opening this weekend, with a cupcake truck, hot dog stand, bahn mi sandwiches*, and works from three talented contemporary artists. […]

April Fool’s Posts Are The Worst

We here at the Howler are completely above such things. The Bold Italic says: Behind a nondescript door in Dogpatch, Jason Munchausen is trying to revolutionize the way we breathe – one jar at a time. … What drives an otherwise successful guy to leave his job as the start-up coordinator at a start-up that […]

Advertising Pays Rent, Is Lucrative For Operating Our Local Site

Thanks for a year and a half-ish of Howling! Thanks to your loyal readership, we’ve been able to enter into a new advertising contract with a local marketing company. We’re excited for the pivot and for the new offices that we will be renting! Yes, this deal will be lucrative enough for me to switch […]

Tom’s Dry Dock

Retox got sold to the folks from Range, and the Retox sign got partially taken down, revealing possibly the most fantastic dive bar sign ever. What can we find out about Tom’s Drydock? grepping for that address in a few Polk city directories yields the following list of businesses: 1929 CLOTHING DEALERS — MEN’S AND […]

Masked Miner Nabbed

Captain Robert O’Sullivan says: Warrant Arrest: On March 15th at 3:53 am, officers responded to a call of a masked suspect carrying a pick axe in the area of 20th and Pennsylvania. They searched the area and located the suspect at 17th and Connecticut. Sure enough, he had a pick axe with a large wooden […]

Sidewalk Chalk Archived Online

When people find out that I write a neighborhood blog, the second question they ask me is if I know anything about “the chalk guy.” Answer: not really. I’ve seen him writing, and he wrote once that his bike had been stolen — which underscores his humanity very clearly — but that’s about it. There’s […]

Blandy’s Barrel Aged Manhattan

Here is a nice video about local bartender and booze-caterer Roland Blandy making what looks to be* a delicious aged cocktail. Blandy’s Barrel Aged Manhattan Blandy’s Barrel Aged Manhattan from Moving Portraits on Vimeo. Blandy’s Barrel Aged Manhattan is a manhattan cocktail aged for three months in a Blandy Madeira wine barrel. Blandy’s Aged Manhattan […]

Video: Golden Gate Park to Dogpatch

First the rider has to bike to Golden Gate Park, but then they quickly return home. Ratatat’s “Gypsy Threat” is no “Yakety Sax,” but it will do. San Francisco: Dogpatch to Golden Gate Park Bike Ride