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Buildings Unattractive, Tedious, Terrible: Ugly.

A couple of months ago, Brock Keeling happened upon a thing called “Mission Bay.” Why Is Mission Bay So Ugly? Brock says: You know you’re in trouble when an area’s parking garages receive more acclaim than anything else. Saying that Mission Bay is ugly is a tautology, right? I’m pretty sure that people do not […]

Dr. Dre, Beats, Dogpatch?

BizJournals says: Beats Music, the startup Dre and Iovine founded, has picked San Francisco for its headquarters — namely 555 19th St. in the Dogpatch. Dr. Dre streams into Dogpatch I am too cheap to subscribe to BizJournals, so I did not see if it is indeed Beats By Dre or the new startup Daisy. […]

A Bounty on “Dog Fennel”

Someone posited that Dogpatch is named after “dog fennel,” with the related imagining that it used to grow wild here. Perhaps they were confused by the feral (but non-native) fennel growing here — or perhaps they are some sort of horticultural archaeologist and have knowledge of non-indigenous plants that were introduced and then subsequently stamped […]

Carl Nolte Revisits Dogpatch

Carl says: Summertime is a fine time to take a look at Dogpatch, part of a new community rising on the bones of the old one. The neighborhood has been growing, shifting, changing ever since the baseball park opened at China Basin a few years ago. Here’s the full article, assuming that you can get […]

2013 Sunday Streets Photos

Hey, I bought a new (used) camera at a “yard sale” during Sunday Streets. It’s a Graflex Reflex, somewhat like the camera that my grandfather picked up at the end of World War II. This example has some light leaks and takes three hands to operate, but I’m sure that I will get all of […]

Triple Voodoo Brewing

Trusted source Andrew Dudley of Haighteration again has a scoop for us — Cherry Voodoo dba Triple Voodoo has applied to transfer their “SMALL BEER MANUFACTURER” license to 2245 3rd St. This may or may not be the brew pub rumor on which I have been sitting. Anyway, welcome to the neigh-beer-hood!

The Goat. For Lease.

Last week Andrew Dudley of Haighteration sent over this link: $4836 / 1209ft² – ▲ DOGPATCH Retail for Lease ▲ (potrero hill) A screenshot Third & Twentieth | Dogpatch District Retail Space for Lease Property Brochure Size: +/-1,209 Rate: $4 psf + 2289 Third Street + Easy access to public transportation + Successful neighbors Location: […]

Police Blotter

The SFPD says: Recovered Firearm: On June 16th at midnight, officers responded to the 600 block of Indiana to help clear an unorganized closure of a night club in the area. The officers were dispersing individuals who were loitering about. They noticed a group of subjects hanging out at an LRV platform at 3rd and […]

Police Update

Hey, that was exciting yesterday, and according to the police, no one got hurt. A lot of people were frustrated, though, what with Caltrain being seriously delayed. Officer Teper said in an email: Hi. The incident occurred on 22nd between Illinois and Pennsylvania. The suspect was having a psychotic episode and was taken in for […]

Police at 22nd and Iowa

Investigative reporter Sarah said: tons of police heading west on 22nd Shortly after, a dispatcher was heard on ScanSF: “all mission units not tied up to respond to 22nd and iowa for the incident” Police were keeping a tight cordon, saying that someone was trying to hurt himself. More from the scanner: “dropped one blade […]